SINGAPORE, Aug 18, 2022 – (ACN Newswire via – Research has shown that post-pandemic, people have amended their laundry habits, developed better hygiene habits and overall become more conscious of environmental impacts on our planet. Laundry will and has always been that never-ending chore – having said that the pandemic has brought it to a new positive light.

More than ever before, laundry products have begun to play an essential role in maintaining one’s health and well-being. Cleaning and laundering are part of self-care and caring for our family.

An increase and change in laundry habits

During the various phases of the pandemic, it has been observed that people have been doing more and more frequent laundry – driven by a need for better cleaning and reassurance that they aren’t carrying invisible dirt on their clothing. It’s not only clothes that are being washed more or more often, since the pandemic, there is also an increase in washing household items more frequently (such as bedding, towels, etc.) to keep the household safe.

On average, a regular 2 kids and 2 adults’ household will do laundry 1-3 times a week and spend between 2-5 hours on it. With that, the increasing trend for more intelligent washing machines has been observed.

Doing laundry is still a chore, but with the help of new, more innovative washing machines, can be simplified and even made more economical and environmentally friendly. It may be time to upgrade to a new washing machine that is smarter and will ensure you have perfectly clean laundry with every cycle.

The iDOS Bosch Serie 6

Doing the laundry may seem simple but in reality, precise detergent dosage plays a large part in ensuring perfect wash results. The latest i-DOS Bosch Serie 6 washing machine is there to meet any laundry needs. Check out these 4 Reasons why a Bosch i-DOS washing machine is perfect for your family household.

Perfect wash results every time

Using too little detergent, especially for heavily soiled laundry, can lead to unsatisfactory results – stains and odours may remain on your laundry after the wash. Bosch i-DOS washing machines provide a perfect clean by automatically dispensing the optimal dose of detergent and softener. Thanks to integrated sensors located inside the drum, this innovative feature detects the load volume, fabric type, degree of soiling, and water hardness of every laundry load, in order to determine the optimal amount of detergent and softener to dispense.

No more allergies from detergent residue

Using too much detergent can result in traces of them remaining on your clothes, which may trigger irritation, rashes, and allergies for those with sensitive skin. By using only the precise amount of detergent needed, i-DOS washing machines give you clean, fresh laundry every time. For greater peace of mind, detergent residue can be removed effectively by using the AllergyPlus programme, which treats your laundry with a higher washing temperature and a longer rinse cycle.

Gentle on the environment and utility bills

Contrary to popular belief, using more detergent does not necessarily give you cleaner clothes. In fact, excessive detergent usage may require longer rinses, resulting in increased water and energy consumption. With precise dosing to the nearest millimetre, Bosch i-DOS washing machines use up to 38% less detergent and saves up to 10L of water per washing cycle.

Intelligent dosing technology – top up once for many washes

You only have to fill up detergent once that will last up to 26 washes. Instead of manually dosing detergent and softener for every wash, Bosch i-DOS washing machines have two separate chambers to store up to 1.3 litres of liquid detergent and 0.5 litres of liquid softener for added convenience. Simply fill up the chambers when the automatic alert comes on, and you won’t have to refill them again for many laundry loads.

All in all, you can be assured that each wash is intelligently weighed by automatic load detection, i-DOS will assess the dirtiness of the clothes and accordingly dispense water using the automatic programming that will determine the fabrics to be washed and most importantly automatically dose the precise amount of detergent needed for each load.

Using the right amount of detergent guarantees that your laundry is perfectly clean and helps to ensure residue-free laundry. It also means you’ll avoid skin irritation and allergies – just right for anyone with sensitive skin.

From now until 31 August 2022, shoppers can get the Bosch i-DOS 9kg front-load washing machine (WGG244A0SG) at $1,399 (U.P. $2,899) and the Bosch i-DOS 10kg one at $1,599 (U.P. $4,199). For a limited time only receive two Persil Odour Eliminators 2.7L (U.P. $12.55) and two Persil Antibacterial Refills 1.5L (U.P. $6.75) thrown into the bundle.

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