Yong Kang, China – With the opportunity of Covid-19 policy optimization, enterprises in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, have joined together and have achieved remarkable results in overseas trade.

“It’s been several years since they came out, and customers and markets have changed, so they can only keep catching up.” Yesterday, the reporter contacted Yang Yang, vice president of marketing of Jinhua Haijie Import & Export Co., Ltd, who was visiting customers in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Previously, he just finished the MITEX hardware exhibition in Moscow, Russia, and then moved to the Middle East, West Asia and other visits to customers.

In Yang Yang’s view, affected by the epidemic, many Yongkang hardware enterprises in the Russian market orders lost, and now re-embarked on the journey, not only to recover the lost orders, but also to seize new opportunities.

Yang Yang full of confidence, once large foreign exhibition Chinese enterprises can take over a venue, now although not many exhibitors, but Yongkang City enterprises and foreign enterprises in the same hall, invariably brought more traffic. Another weight is the quality and price of Yongkang hardware manufacturing enterprises in the international hardware market has incomparable competitiveness.

The shortest time to embark on a “single” journey, Yang Yang said, thanks to the Yongkang city business department of the green channel. It is understood that, in order to allow enterprises to timely passport, visa and other exit procedures, Yongkang City Bureau of Commerce led the organization, to provide efficient and convenient services for enterprises to exit, 337 enterprises included in the white-list management, non-white list enterprises issued more than 60 letters of business, Yongkang City Immigration Department to open the green channel to ensure that no delay in the enterprise exhibitors.

On December 2, the first group of enterprises in Yongkang went to Russia to exhibit, which marked the normalization of overseas exhibiting for enterprises. Yongkang City Commerce Bureau Secretary Zhang Youyou said, this is a hardware ice-breaking sea action.

Services more than that, Yongkang City Commerce Department joint third-party institutions to the first group of exhibitors to go out to grab a single return visit, the formation of a detailed Russian market research report, the current situation of the Russian market, business opportunities, problems, joint exhibitors, overseas local warehouses, etc., a detailed analysis of the situation, and sent to the upcoming foreign exhibitors.

“More than 100 foreign trade enterprises have registered to participate in the exhibition in the first quarter of 2023, with an exhibition area of over 1,000 square meters. The number of Yongkang enterprises that have registered to participate in foreign head exhibitions such as the United States, Germany and Japan has also exceeded the historical period.” Wang Shanqin, director of Yongkang Foreign Service Economic and Trade Center, said that enterprises are enthusiastic about exhibiting.

The reporter learned from the Yongkang City Bureau of Commerce, December 18, Yongkang City will soon organize a delegation to participate in the thirteenth China (UAE) Trade Fair, to showcase and promote the city image of Yongkang City and Yongkang hardware industry development prospects, promote Yongkang City hardware products into the United Arab Emirates, and the product radiation in the Middle East and West Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and other markets. At present, the registered enterprises have reached more than 50.

It is understood that the Yongkang city business department through a variety of forms to help enterprises exhibitors, this year has been organized to participate in 11 exhibitions in 8 countries, 86 exhibitors, 42 enterprises to participate in the exhibition on behalf of the exhibition mode.

“The relevant departments are very supportive of our exhibiting, and we can say that they provide the whole nanny service, not only the booth cost is subsidized, but also the air ticket is subsidized.” Ltd. foreign trade manager Kelly Yan participated in the German Cologne hardware exhibition, she said that previously the company mainly to Southeast Asia and the Middle East market, with the idea of trying to exhibit, received a European order, broaden the sales channels of the enterprise, the enterprise has six employees in four batches to participate in Zhejiang Province, “thousands of groups of ten thousand enterprises to expand the market to grab orders action “.

The reporter learned that, at present, Yongkang City, in addition to the existing preferential policies for exhibiting outside the same, the business sector is stepping up discussions on the design of more enterprises to facilitate the feasibility of measures and policies to help more small and medium-sized enterprises to sail to the sea.


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