Washington, D.C., Aug 15, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – The stage is set for a symphony of innovation and purpose as the Futurist Showcase takes center stage August 18, at 7:15 p.m.

Photo by Anthony Hampton

This exclusive event, a convergence of luminaries, will spotlight two trailblazing enterprises — Global Cannabis Holdings (GCH) (https://globalcannabisholdings.lu) and Avi8ted Ventures (https://avi8tedthoughts.com). These visionary companies are poised to reshape industries and redefine societal progress, all against the backdrop of the exquisite Pierce School Penthouse, a residence synonymous with entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking excellence.

The visionary forces behind the Futurist Showcase are entrepreneurs Charlton Woodyard II, CEO of Avi8ted Ventures, and Brock Pierce, the President of the Bitcoin Foundation, whose remarkable journey spans technology, real estate, and social impact. Pierce’s commitment to pioneering change and igniting community empowerment finds a fitting home in the profound ambiance of the Pierce School Penthouse. “Brock Pierce is an inspiration to any builder with his ability to make change happen across the world in every industry he touches. We are incredibly grateful that he has opened his home to us for this amazing opportunity to present our mission to the world,” said David Luftglass, Chairman, Global Cannabis Holdings.

An assembly of Washington, D.C.’s foremost leaders, policy architects, artistic trailblazers, investors, educators, and catalysts for change will grace the gathering. Hosted at the largest penthouse in the city, The Pierce School Penthouse, this event creates an unparalleled platform for collaborative engagement, fostering the coalescence of ideas and collective growth. The Showcase’s compelling mission, empowering individuals to champion change in their communities, resonates profoundly in the context of this prestigious locale.

In an era where innovation and purpose dictate the trajectory of tomorrow, the Futurist Showcase stands as a beacon of transformative potential. From the heights of the Pierce School Penthouse, a space resonating with entrepreneurial verve, this event catalyzes more than dialogue; it ignites a movement.

About Avi8ted Ventures

Avi8ted Ventures is a dynamic and innovative force at the intersection of real estate, technology, and culture. More than a social network, Avi8ted Ventures operates as an experimental ecosystem where the physical and digital realms merge, fostering a sustainable impact ecosystem. By harnessing the collective power of real estate, technology, and culture, Avi8ted Ventures initiates a global movement of change, driving innovation, collaboration, and social progress. As a platform where ideas materialize, pioneers unite, and the future takes shape, Avi8ted Ventures empowers individuals, transitions humans to beings, and facilitates transformative journeys of lasting impact.

About Global Cannabis Holdings (GCH)

Global Cannabis Holdings (GCH) began in Uruguay as a pioneering force in the international cannabis sector. With a groundbreaking tokenized portfolio of cannabis companies, GCH is redefining the future of this rapidly growing industry. GCH has obtained ownership in 38 companies across 6 countries, all wrapped up into one entity, offering a diversified approach to investing in cannabis. The holdings include everything from a six square kilometer production project in Uruguay, to the top distributor in Brazil, and the largest extraction group in California. With a visionary, forward looking approach, GCH is poised to catalyze change on a global scale by embracing the remarkable possibilities of cannabis. GCH recently underwent its public launch in the Luxembourg market via the STOKR platform, the first registered Security Token Exchange in the European Union. For more info on the launch please check out www.stokr.io/global-cannabis-holdings

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