SYDNEY, AU, Apr 15, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via – As Earth Day approaches, BLUETTI reaffirms its commitment to environmental stewardship with this year’s theme — “Embrace Our Earth, Energize Our Life”. The pioneering brand highlights innovative energy storage solutions to help users harness renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions, and promote sustainable lifestyles.

Water-Resistant BLUETTI AC240 Power Station for All-Weather Use

To minimize electronic waste, BLUETTI produces truly durable power products like the New AC240. With an impressive IP65 rating, it can endure dust and water ingress, guaranteeing longevity in outdoor settings like construction sites and marine applications. Capable of delivering 2,400W power and expandable with the B210 add-on batteries, the AC240 becomes an indispensable off-grid power solution for sailboat, yachts, and other demanding situations.

BLUETTI AC300+B300 Scalable Clean Energy Solution Empowering Off-Grid Living

Living off the grid doesn’t mean relying on traditional energy sources like firewood or fuel generators. The AC300+B300 system provides a sustainable power solution for remote cabins or homes. When linked with solar panels, it accepts up to 2,400W of solar intake. Its 3,000W inverter effortlessly powers most household appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators. As testified by user Thorn Gannon, this system with two PV350 solar panels made his modest home 80% off-grid with minimal worry. He also considered adding more B300 batteries to achieve greater solar storage while maintaining a green footprint.

BLUETTI AC70, AC180, AC200L Portable Generators for Earth-Conscious Lifestyles

BLUETTI endeavors to make clean energy accessible to all through its diverse product range. Each product features seamless compatibility with solar panels. The portable 10.2kg AC70 is a convenient power source for camping, road trips, and emergencies. The AC200L with a 2,400W output charges heavy-duty equipment and tools. These products offer peace of mind during power shortages, as exemplified by user Julie Cook’s experience with the AC180, which powered her devices to ensure the uninterrupted operation of her online business.

Join BLUETTI this Earth Day to embrace renewable energy and a brighter future.


Committed to a sustainable future, BLUETTI provides affordable green energy storage solutions for indoor and outdoor use. Through initiatives like the LAAF (Lighting An African Family) program, BLUETTI has impacted over 100,000 off-grid African families. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, BLUETTI has become a trusted leader in over 100 countries worldwide.

SOURCE: Bluetti Power Inc.

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